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Test preparation and professional development for busy teachers.
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What we do

We train educators in K-12 and higher ed through content-rich, interactive courses.


If you teach language, linguistics, or ESL in K-12 or higher ed, snuggle up on the couch & add some new tools to your teacher toolkit—from ed tech to ADA compliance. All courses are customized to your specific instructional context.

Test Prep

Are you preparing to take an exam to become certified in K-12 in the state of Texas? You've come to the right place! Get trained by experts who have helped hundreds of pre-service and in-service teachers pass their exams. 

Expert instructors with knowledge +

Learn online with PhDs who are familiar with the latest research and also know the practical realities of the classroom
"I want all educators to have the tools they need to succeed. Our team is dedicated to providing resources that enable teachers to thrive, and not just survive."

Katie Welch, Ph.D.

"Bilingual teachers have a rigorous criteria to meet before they can become certified. I am here to help expedite your
path to bilingual certification."

Dini Janecek, Ph.D.

"The global pandemic has magnified the need for accessible online courses, and I want to ensure course instructors can meet the needs of all students."

Shelby Miller, Ph.D.

Our Courses

Benefits of learning with us

This is not your everyday online PD. It's accessible, interactive, practical, & personal—and all designed by teachers and for teachers!
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Interactive Video

Designed to be more than a sit-and-get, each interactive video allows the viewer to answer questions, click on links for more information, and become an active part of the learning process. Our goal is high-impact instruction packaged in a streamlined, fast-paced course design. 

Personal Service

Our instructors are real teachers who know what it's like to be in your shoes. We've taken the certification exams ourselves. We've struggled with the same issues you are facing in your classroom. We are here to help and are only a click away. 


All of our videos are closed captioned with transcripts available to the viewers. We have an in-house consultant that reviews our work to ensure we have followed ADA best practices, and we even offer courses on how you can ensure accessibility in your own teaching.


At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating your enrollment and hours earned. Some courses have also been designated by the Texas Education Agency as CPE-earning courses for K-12 practitioners. 

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